Anti-out silver thermoplastic acrylic resin is a simultaneous chemical  double sided crepe silk and hemp , independent research and development of the country's first silver acrylic resin products can not afford to. Products by changing the composition and microstructure of resin composition of the product in the fall of silver without anti-additive case, non-ferrous metal flake paint with good adhesive effect to the paint film can not afford to silver, silver is good arranged, alcohol resistance not less than 200 times, such as temperature and humidity of over 500h excellent integrated performance. Product from its inception, the majority of users is highly recognized marketing rapidly in South China, and gradually the country.

January 2008, the product identified by scientific and technological achievements of Guangdong Province, and was unanimously recognized experts in Preparation of the resin in the domestic leading level; in October 2008 has been identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province. Even with these awards, our technical staff did not stop, the research is still committed to the upgrading of the technology, expect more excellent products to our customers and community feedback. Solvent benzene is harmful to humans, was confirmed to be carcinogenic study. Long-term contact staff easily, directly or indirectly the blood of leukemia and other diseases and skin allergies.

But because of its good solubility and proper evaporation rate, is still widely used in resins and coatings. As people increasingly raise environmental awareness and self-protection, the EU began to introduce laws and regulations limit the number of substance use benzene solvents, other countries followed suit. For this situation, simultaneous chemical R & D personnel out of silver products on the anti-technology research carried out again, all products of benzene to remove material: not only changed the original products, solvents, will contain benzene initiator also replaced. As we all know, change the resin initiator and solvent system to re-develop a product almost simultaneously were captured one by a technical problem, a comprehensive adjustment of the original anti-out silver products: TP5192 production process, through trial and improvement, and finally successfully developed a complete anti-benzene-based thermoplastic acrylic resin products out of silver: TB50192F. The application test test, silver is better than the original arrangement of products, and other indicators very original products.

Benzene-type anti-out silver thermoplastic acrylic resin is a successful trial against another break out of silver products, comply with the current promotion of its environmental requirements, and has a stubborn silver and excellent overall performance, with broad market prospects. Currently the product is large-scale production of intense preparations, will soon be available for the benefit of the industry!

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