Island Springs is located in the southern margin of the Yangtze River Delta, the  silk fabrics manufacturers , west of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Suzhou and Hangzhou Grand Canal along the south. In low-lying, river and clouds, crisscross, is a typical market town south of Yangtze River Plain. Away from Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou are less than 50 kilometers, is extremely advantageous geographical location, water and land transportation is very convenient. An area of 73.36 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 19 administrative villages, with a total population of 70000 people.

Island Springs is the industrial city of Tongxiang City. The town has nearly 400 types of industrial enterprises, enterprise employees three thousand people. In 2002, 8.0 billion of industrial output value, industrial added value of 1.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes 730 million yuan, export 600 million yuan, total industrial economy for 13 consecutive years ranked highest in Jiaxing City. Island Springs in Zhejiang Province-level "health cities", "strong town of education", "advanced sports town," "Spark Science and Technology Demonstration Town", "small town town of comprehensive reform," "professional characteristics, chemical fiber area" and Jiaxing City " economy strong town, "" civilized town. "

Chemical fiber industry is the Island Springs feature industrial economy. Since founded in 1981, Tongxiang City, the first professional production of synthetic filament Company - Tongxiang Chemical Fiber Factory has been the continuous development of chemical fiber industry. The end of 2002, the town, Zhejiang Tong Kun Group, Zhejiang Fengming Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Group, the three Fengming Synthetic Co., Ltd., owned 19 companies, with 700 high-speed spinning, conventional spinning 302, FDY spinning 216 imports place, annual production capacity 55 million tons; a melt-spinning line, annual production capacity 18 million tons, including filaments 120 thousand tons, cut 60,000 tons;

Canadian bomb equipment, 126 sets, of which imports 33H 20 units, drafting equipment, 183 units, annual processing capacity 50 million tons; cation small slice 3, an annual output of 180,000 tons. Research and Development Center 3. More than 10,000 employees. Management staff to 1,300 people (including 110 senior professional titles, intermediate grade 510 people, 680 junior). Town fiber output of main products 680,000 tons, 5.7 billion of industrial output value at current prices, profits and taxes 500 million yuan, accounting for the town 71 percent of total industrial economy, 68 percent. Three chemical group has been fully through a series of quality management certification, ISO14000 environmental certification is being implemented.
Island Springs of the chemical fiber industry started early,  chemical fiber supplier , strong investment, technology and new talents excellent, with very strong growth potential and advantages of the end of 2003, Chau Springs, chemical fiber industry, the formation of 1.2 million tons / year production capacity. In 2004, the Island Springs will further increase the chemical fiber industry, investment, speed up technological innovation and extend the industrial chain and speed up the development of differentiated and functional fibers, stronger doing fine chemical industry, the year the total sales exceeded 10 billion, chemical fiber product sales accounted for the town of industrial sales remained steady at 80 percent.